Jess Young is a holistic nurse, dancer and teacher in Portland, Oregon. Jess is blazing her own trail as a registered nurse and as an artist. After finding herself burned out and disillusioned by the Western healthcare system, Jess went in search of medicine that heals the body, rather than merely masking the symptoms. Guided by her heart, she created a position for herself in a holistic clinic, where she began to understand the potency in Chinese and natural medicine. Now, working as a nurse in community-based care, Jess is learning to integrate this ancient wisdom into her personal and professional practice. She is the Director-At-Large of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.

Balance is the key to sustainability; when Jess is not providing oversight to twenty-four beloved elders with dementia, she is plugging away at her creative projects. Jess is the founder of Attunement Movement, a global initiative for conscious music video production. The intention of this movement is to spread inspiring art around the planet, to open hearts, touch souls and encourage others to share their creativity with the world! As the creative director and producer, Jess intends for her music videos to serve as a soothing salve amidst this world in chaos.

As a teacher, Jess hosts a dance class called, The Alchemy of Improv. Here, she creates a container where ceremony meets expression; as prayers are danced in the moment, live, improv music weaves the theme of two of the four elements—Air, Fire, Water & Earth. A potent offering, The Alchemy of Improv is rooted in ritual, empowerment and the art of manifestation. Like endless water flowing into a chalice, Jess’ creative pursuits are what keep her balanced and thriving!

Determined to bring holism to the forefront, Jess aspires to host national nursing conferences. Nurses are the mitochondria of the healthcare system; we are what keep the engines running in hospitals and clinics across the country. By empowering self-care and igniting her peers to challenge the status quo of our healthcare system, she is following her path as a beacon for change. Jess aims to begin hosting empowerment retreats for nurses in 2018.

With a background in oncology, behavioral health, natural medicine and elder care, Jess is here to educate and empower nurses, patients and the community at-large to listen and trust the wisdom of the body, to quiet the mind, to deeply feel and honor one’s emotions and to tend to the inner stirrings of the Spirit.

In her free time, you could find Jess working diligently on her long-term goals and creative projects, dancing, African drumming, writing, hiking and traveling the world!