The Integration Initiative

I am helping to create a ripple effect of understanding regarding the history, theories, treatment approaches and positive outcomes of naturopathic and complementary medicine. I call this The Integration Project, in which I offer continuing education workshops geared toward healthcare professionals who want to expand their knowledge base about natural medicine.

The Integration Project is a call to action, empowering healthcare professionals to make their own ripples in the healthcare system through education, empowerment and integration of complementary healing modalities into conventional medicine.

Early on in my nursing career, I frequently encountered the issue of not having many “tools” in my nursing toolbox to share with my patients. I now have the specialized experience of working as a nurse in both conventional and naturopathic medicine. I am a bridge between gaps, reuniting conventional medicine with its ancestor—natural medicine!

I will soon be offering Continuing Education workshops to healthcare professionals in order to increase knowledge and awareness regarding:

  • The History and Theories of Naturopathic Medicine 

  • Complementary Healing Modalities

  • Refering Patients to Complementary Healing Practitioners

  • Understanding Insurance Coverage of Natural Treatment Modalities

  • Offering Energy Healing as Healthcare Professionals