I first met Jess in the office of my naturopath. I was a few weeks into a serious health diagnosis and in the grip of anxiety and despair. After my treatment, my naturopath said that she thought I would benefit from seeing Jess. Jess began taking me through some creative visualization. She places her hands lightly on my body. I could smell fragrant oil, feel the warmth of her hands, hear her soothing voice and I felt my body and spirit relax. I felt myself visualizing healing, I felt sorrow ease and I felt hope rising within me. As I drove home I realized I was very hungry; for the first time in several weeks my appetite which had vanished as a result of my anxiety, returned. I visit Jess at her practice every three or four weeks. The treatment is healing touch, creative visualization, talking together, helping me get in touch with my better self. I leave feeling relaxed and with a sense of elation that comes from hope welling up in me and confidence in my ability to heal in my spirit, my mind and my body.

Jess offered a welcoming attendance when my health was compromised. She keenly listened to my story and provided important considerations and relevant remedies. From our conversations, I felt empowered and inspired to make love to my health and reclaim agency regarding it. Jess was influential in my restoration.